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About Lawson Conner – Regulatory Infrastructure and Managed Compliance

  • Lawson Conner provide regulatory infrastructure and managed compliance services by providing tech-enabled solutions and compliance expertise.
  • In this video – learn more about Lawson Conner’s credibility, expertise and services we provide to our clients globally.


Lawson Conner – PRIIPs KIDs software platform

  • LC software delivers a robust solution to help you comply with the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) regulation.
  • Lawson Conner can provide full support in producing and delivering comprehensive KIDs (Key Information Documents).


AML and KYC Software and Outsourced Services for Financial Services and Law Firms

  • Are you fully up to date and compliant with the latest anti-money laundering regulations?
  • Lawson Conner have developed MaxComply; the new solution which keeps you compliant with AML (anti-money laundering) regulations.
  • The service is offered either as a customised software solution to use in-house or provided as a fully managed outsourced compliance service where the Lawson Conner team will manage it and do the work for you.


Compliance Conduct Monitoring Software for Regulated Firms

Regulated firms must be able to demonstrate that they comply with their obligations to:

  • Understand the nature, scale and complexity of the risks arising from all regulated activities
  • Put in place an appropriate compliance conduct monitoring program
  • Be able to show audit full trails and documentation
  • Have adequate resources in place to monitor and enforce compliance with the relevant regulated requirements

In this video, see how we can help you meet FCA expectations, through the use of smart compliance software, provided as either:

  • a standalone SaaS software solution, or
  • a managed compliance solution whereby we operate your entire compliance program.

Compliance Conduct Monitoring – Appointed Representatives

  • The FCA has identified critically important areas in relation to principal firms’ understanding of their regulatory obligations and control and oversight of their ARs activities.
  • A crucial aspect of Appointed Representative monitoring is to be able to evidence and keep records of all interactions and communication with the respective Appointed Representative.
  • In this video – find out how Lawson Conner’s experts and software can help you develop monitoring plans conduct monitoring and ensure you remain compliant and meet FCA expectations.