Crypto Assets Risks and Regulation

17th October 2018 - Blog Posts

The Treasury Select Committee has issued a detailed report on crypto assets, following an inquiry into the risks of cryptocurrencies, which includes recommendations for regulatory measures. Read the summary…

What are AIFM solutions and why are they used?

1st October 2018 - Blog Posts

Since the AIFMD directive came into force in 2013, investment and fund managers have faced a hefty compliance burden to become authorised. In this blog we explain what AIFM solutions are and why they could be the best option for many firms… Read more…

Key facts you need to know about PRIIPs KIDs

7th September 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

New regulations on Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance Products (PRIIPs) were introduced by the EC in January 2018. We cover the FAQs you need to know about PRIIPs KIDs definition, regulation and liabilities… Read more…