Appointed representative or direct FCA authorisation?

4th July 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

It can be difficult for fund managers to weigh up whether to obtain direct authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority or whether to use an appointed representative instead. There are pros and cons to both scenarios and in this blog we will examine the advantages of each.  Read more…

AML & KYC – What is the Difference?

22nd June 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

‘Anti-Money Laundering’ (AML) and ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) are terms at the forefront of the financial industry, as institutions take firm steps to crack down on financial crime and the financing of terrorism. There can be some confusion sometimes, though, about the difference between KYC and AML, so in this blog post we will explain … Read more

Key facts you need to know about the Cayman Island’s Anti-Money Laundering Regulations

31st May 2018 - Blog Posts - Knowledge Library

Cayman AML Regulations (2018 Revision) Update: Designation of AML Compliance Officer, MLRO and DMLRO. — The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) has noted that for a Cayman Islands investment entity to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Regulations (2018 Revision) (“AML Regulations”), it must designate a natural person, at managerial level, to act as its Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer (“AMLCO”), Money Laundering Reporting Officer (“MLRO”) and Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer (“DMLRO”). Read more…

Private Equity – How LPs Select a GP – The 4 Ps

22nd May 2018 - Blog Posts

How LPs Select a GP – The 4 Ps Within private equity we are seeing a shift with Limited Partners (LPs) conducting a greater level of due diligence on the General Partners (GPs) they invest with. This can be broadly grouped into four key areas; people, performance, process, and price. People – Top of the … Read more

The Compliance Skills Crisis – Is Outsourcing an Answer?

16th May 2018 - Blog Posts

The Compliance Skills Crisis – Is Outsourcing an Answer? A recent article in the Financial Times highlights how regulatory compliance has become a critical issue lately. The article describes the compliance officer as ‘the most in-demand worker in asset management’. It goes on to explain that the recent influx of regulatory changes has made specialists … Read more

AI and Blockchain are Reshaping Private Equity  

15th May 2018 - Blog Posts

How AI and Blockchain are Reshaping Private Equity? — Private Equity is being transformed in unprecedented ways by the implementation of technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. In what has been a markedly traditional industry, there are now clear use cases and benefits to be gained.

Key things to know about Money Laundering Prevention

14th May 2018 - Blog Posts

Key things you need to know about Money Laundering Prevention Preventing financial crime and money laundering are key areas of compliance – it is estimated that up to £57 billion is laundered through the UK every year. Financial services and law firms are obviously key targets for money laundering. As compliance and regulatory experts, Lawson … Read more

Key things you should know about Cryptocurrencies and ICOs 

3rd May 2018 - Blog Posts

Cryptocurrencies and ICOs regulation  Cryptocurrency has been at the forefront of the media in recent months and increasing numbers of companies are turning to ICOs (initial coin offerings) as a means of raising investment funds. Opinions on cryptocurrency and ICOs regulation have been divided, while some critics believe it is a temporary phenomenon, many see … Read more

Key things to know about Appointed Representative Services

24th April 2018 - Blog Posts

Appointed representative services allow firms to carry out regulated financial activities, in the UK and the EU, without going through the rigorous process of obtaining direct authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority. Becoming authorised as an appointed representative can be a good choice for venture capital firms, hedge funds, private equity firms, family firms and … Read more