How is compliance outsourcing supporting the Real Estate Fund industry?

3rd June 2019 - Blog Posts

The real estate fund industry has been subject to a host of new regulations in recent years, and as for most asset classes, regulatory demands look set to become more complex in the case of a hard Brexit. What is the effect of compliance outsourcing on the industry? Recent research from publications PERE and RBC … Read more

AML and KYC: Implementing Best Practice in Financial Institutions and Law Firms

22nd May 2019 - Blog Posts

Operating in a global economy, financial institutions and law firms are under increased scrutiny by regulators. A heightened regulatory landscape has created extra burdens – and subsequently excessive costs – for compliance teams around the world.  In a bid to reduce risk, regulators have increased demands in order to satisfy their reporting frameworks. This article … Read more

Discover how PE is being transformed by new technology

14th May 2019 - Blog Posts

Private Equity (PE), once a distinctively traditional industry, is changing. Innovation is alive and kicking within the PE arena in ways perhaps you may not be even aware of. New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are bringing new opportunities, productiveness and solutions which is driving PE Compliance to new levels. These innovations … Read more

PDS2 Compliance – are you ready and what you need to know?

1st May 2019 - Blog Posts

PDS2 is having a big impact on the Financial Services industry as its various iterations come into force. What does PDS2 entail? The second iteration of the Payment Services Directive was introduced in 2015, although the latest deadline for compliance, which will have applied to most banks has just passed on March 14th. The deadline … Read more

5AML is on its way – what are the key changes?

1st May 2019 - Blog Posts

The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive is on its way, having been passed by the EU, and it is due to come into force in January 2020. The good news from a compliance perspective is that the latest iteration of the directive is more a series of amendments to the 2017 directive, rather than a complete … Read more

The hidden drawbacks of the FCA’s high net worth rules

1st May 2019 - Blog Posts

Since 2013, the FCA have imposed strict regulations on the marketing of non-mainstream pooled investments (NMPI), which includes unregulated investment schemes and close substitutes. The regulator recently extended these requirements to non-readily realisable securities (NRRS) including things like equity crowdfunding, which has caused some controversy. The FCA has also added extra requirements, including the necessity … Read more

Use of Electronic Messaging by Employees

16th April 2019 - Blog Posts

Helping you to reduce risk and stay compliant is always our first priority. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations’* (OCIE) has released an examination on the use of electronic messaging by approved persons and employees. Acknowledging the potential risks of using personally owned devices that may be used for … Read more

What you need to know about cryptocurrency compliance

11th April 2019 - Blog Posts

The regulation of cryptocurrencies has been in the spotlight recently as several jurisdictions look to step up oversight and try to reduce investor risk. Despite concerns about volatility of the sector, there is still a growing appetite from investors – this week has seen the market capitalisation reach just short of $186 billion, a new … Read more

Top Three Cyber Risks for Financial Services Firms

5th April 2019 - Blog Posts

The financial services industry is particularly vulnerable to cyber risk – recent research from UK Finance suggests that over £503m was stolen from UK financial institutions through cybercrime in the first half of last year. Technology has transformed the sector undoubtedly making many processes easier but digital transformation has brought increased cyber risk which many … Read more