How is Private Equity & Real Estate funds benefiting from Anti-Money Laundering software during Covid-19?

18th June 2020 - Blog Posts

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented global challenges and economic disruption. It has also led to an increase in Covid-19-related crimes, including fraud, cybercrime, misdirection or exploitation of government funds or international financial assistance.  This is impacting on the ability of government and the private sector to implement anti-money laundering (AML) obligations in areas … Read more

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive and Coronavirus – what’s next?

29th May 2020 - Blog Posts

As we all know, the global financial crisis forced the European Union to regulate the alternative investment industry including hedge funds, real estate funds and private equity – many of which remained largely unregulated on a grand, global scale. As a result, the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) was implemented in the EU in … Read more

How is compliance outsourcing supporting the Real Estate Fund industry?

18th February 2020 - Blog Posts

The real estate fund industry has been subject to a host of new regulations in the last few years, and as for most asset classes, regulatory demands look set to become more complex. What is the effect of compliance outsourcing on the industry? In 2019 publications including PERE and RBC reported that 27 per cent of the real … Read more

Are you taking too much risk from onboarding clients?

7th August 2019 - Blog Posts

Onboarding clients and investors can carry a great deal of risk in the current climate when compliance procedures are so stringent. How could Lawson Conner’s MaxComply software support your business with the onboarding process? AML and KYC The biggest risk factors centre around Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer. AML regulations have been big news … Read more

Has consultation clarified the premarketing rule?

1st August 2019 - Blog Posts

Premarketing of an AIFM has been a subject of contention for some time. The lack of clarity is partly caused by the varying rules that apply to premarketing across different jurisdictions. Up to now there has been no uniform approach to the subject across the EU, and different types of pre-marketing have triggered regulatory reporting … Read more

What are the biggest compliance challenges for Hedge Fund managers?

28th June 2019 - Blog Posts

Since the financial crisis, there has been more and more regulatory pressure for hedge fund managers as AIFMD, MiFID II, SMCR, the Dodd Frank Act and ever-tighter anti-money laundering regulations have come into play. All these regulatory changes require stronger reporting requirements and greater transparency, which is difficult to achieve without regulatory hedge fund software … Read more

The FCA’s key priorities and what they mean for regulatory due diligence

26th June 2019 - Blog Posts

Regulatory due diligence is in the spotlight as the FCA has announced its business plan and key priorities for 2019/20. The FCA’s key priorities The regulator’s key priority is navigating the UK’s financial sector’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit. The FCA stated that “while it continued to face the considerable burden of extracting Britain’s financial … Read more

AML and KYC: Implementing Best Practice in Financial Institutions and Law Firms

22nd May 2019 - Blog Posts

Operating in a global economy, financial institutions and law firms are under increased scrutiny by regulators. A heightened regulatory landscape has created extra burdens – and subsequently excessive costs – for compliance teams around the world.  In a bid to reduce risk, regulators have increased demands in order to satisfy their reporting frameworks. This article … Read more