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MaxComply is the world’s most adaptable and customisable compliance software that helps corporates manage their regulatory activities effectively and efficiently. MaxComply currently exists for the following industries:  

• Financial Services – Fund managers, Advisors & Wealth managers • Legal • Automotive • Technology & Social Media  

Software Solutions for Financial Services Firms & Law Firms

MaxComply is available as managed software on a fully outsourced basis (we do all the work). We offer the maximum flexibility to manage the entire AML process. Our software addresses the latest compliance requirements and significantly reduces compliance risk for financial services and law firms.

Why MaxComply?

Based on the regulatory expertise of Lawson Conner’s 300 client portfolio, MaxComply revolutionises the way organisations handle compliance matters today.  

MaxComply takes compliance from a burdensome task, to an insightful source of business intelligence.  

Cut compliance time by 50-80%

Generate business insights 

Meet evolving global compliance standards

Our Simple Four Step Process

  • CHOOSE the types of risks to screen for, and the agreed global AML standards.  
  • PROVIDE details of investors and clients.  
  • ACTIVE CASE MANAGEMENT using escalation procedures and maintaining an audit trail.  
  • CONTINOUS MONITORING of clients and investors

How do I get started?

MaxComply can be provided on a standalone Software as a Service (SaaS) basis or mSaaS (managed SaaS) - a managed compliance basis, where we deliver the entire AML function to your business.

Delivery setup is seamless and quick, you could be up and running within 24 hours. Get in touch today to discuss how our system could streamline your anti-money laundering function and reduce your compliance risks and costs.

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Why use AML systems for onboarding and monitoring? 

Money laundering, and the financing of terrorism are on the increase, and law firms and financial institutions are prime targets. The FCA reported that investigations into money laundering leapt 12 per cent last year. 

As concerns about money laundering escalate, the penalties for non-compliance have become more severe and could include substantial fines.

About the service

Know your customer” (KYC), is an important part of the EU’s directive against money laundering. Financial Services and Law firms must screen their clients against EU sanctions lists and track if a client is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or can be categorised as Relatives and Close Associates (RCA). 

For many companies, managing these elements of compliance can be costly, but we can help you carry out these tasks saving time and money.

About Lawson Conner

Lawson Conner are an award-winning provider of regulatory infrastructure and managed compliance services and software. 

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in regulations, compliance, legal, risk management, operations and FinTech.  

We help financial services and Law firms navigate through the complexities of compliance and regulations in the UK & US. Using innovative solutions to help you save time, reduce risk and increase efficiency.

Learn more about Lawson Conner: www.lawsonconner.com

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