MaxComply 2.0 is Deployed!

14th December 2018 3224 - Firm News

Congratulations! Lawson Conner is celebrating the deployment of MaxComply 2.0, our market leading compliance and regulations software platform for the Financial Services industry.
This is an extremely big step forward to help the industry operate more efficiently.

The key benefits of the upgrade are:

  1. Shorting the time of rolling out new features as low as few days
  2. Fast adaptability to new use cases/new jurisdictions/new languages
  3. Lowering the costs of maintenance
  4. Lowering the induction costs of new developers
  5. Scalability, in terms of data volume, number of users, but more important in terms of number of developers which can work on the software at the same time (an often overlooked key factor when in comes to software scallability)