Lawson Conner wins at EIS Annual Award 2015

15th February 2015 209 - Firm News

Lawson Conner’s contribution to the investment fund industry and the broader UK economy is highly commended as the firm receives “Highly Commended” recognition at the prestigious EISA Innovation Award.

The panel consisted of industry figures of the EIS investment community and UK business leaders such as Justin King, the former CEO of Sainsbury Plc. Members of the jury recognised that Lawson Conner’s newly launched EIS/SEIS incubator platform revolutionised the EIS fund manager market in 2014.

Lawson Conner has created an integrated services platform whereby Lawson Conner acts as the operator of the EIS/SEIS Fund taking care of everything apart from sourcing investments and raising new funds. This creates significant benefits such as new EIS/SEIS funds being able to launch in under 4 weeks and typically at a fraction of the normal cost with a significant reduction in the normal complexity and administrative burden associated with a new EIS launch. It was the removal of those aforementioned complexities, that was recognised as Lawson Conner’s achievement in 2014. Consequently, Lawson Conner has significantly broadened the range of different EIS managers and strategies available in the EIS market. The innovation in new EIS/SEIS products was very apparent throughout 2014, when Lawson Conner launched 9 new EIS/SEIS funds, often in new exciting segments, not previously covered by the incumbent managers i.e. investment opportunities in the British precision engineering industry or children entertainment – sectors previously unavailable to IFAs and investors. No other manager has launched more EIS Funds in the past 12 months.