Lawson Conner launches new FinTech Innovator Programme ‘FinTechPLUS‘

25th June 2015 213 - Firm News

London, 25 June 2015 – Lawson Conner, the leading investment manager platform and provider of outsourced compliance services, has launched‘FinTechPLUS’, a comprehensive programme to help FinTech startups to launch their new businesses quickly, compliantly and cost-effectively, with the support of an experienced team of entrepreneurs, compliance and regulatory experts.

The ‘FinTechPLUS’ programme is designed for companies offering e-money, payments, consumer loans, crowdfunding and other financial technology related services currently revolutionising the banking and finance sectors. The programme includes a number of innovative solutions, one of which is theFinTech Regulatory Incubator Platform ‘FinTIP’, which allows selected companies to become authorised in less than a month and at a fraction of the cost usually associated with a launch. Startups can also benefit from ongoing compliance and regulatory support and access to capital raising services, critical for the future growth of any new startup. All services are integrated with an award-winning software platform which reduces administrative time and costs. The

  • ’FinTechPLUS’ Innovator Programme includes the following solutions:
  • FinTech advisory – free advice for FinTech entrepreneurs on how to get started and grow their businesses
  • FinTech Incubator Platform ‘FinTIP’– using an already regulated firm to get launched in around 4 weeks time – General regulatory and compliance advice
  • FCA applications and registration for investment management/ AIFM, E-money, payment processing, crowdfunding, Consumer Credit (CCL), etc.
  • Capital raising

“FinTech companies are revolutionising the financial services industry. Last year more than $14bn was invested in the sector. FinTech entrepreneurs’ ambitions have quickly turned from covering one or two local markets to a ‘let’s go global approach,” said Gerhard Grueter, Managing Director at Lawson Conner. “The financial services industry is tightly regulated and navigating through this increasingly complex regulatory framework is a huge challenge, but a very critical component for the success of any FinTech firm. Developing and applying a compliant framework can add a significant competitive advantage for FinTech companies. The innovative spirit found in so many FinTech companies launching now is hugely impressive and, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we well understand their eagerness to launch. However, doing so without the essential compliance, regulatory and support infrastructure can prove very costly, and may hinder growth significantly,” said Grueter.

Having launched close to 100 companies in the past three years, Lawson Conner has an unparalleled experience in helping startup businesses to become both operational and compliant. More recently, Lawson Conner was shortlisted for “Best Overall Advisory Firm 2015” during the prestigious HFMWeek Awards ceremony in April this year, recognising the group’s continued excellence across multiple practice areas.


About Lawson Conner

Lawson Conner (LC) is an award-winning incubator platform and a leading provider of outsourced compliance services for funds and FinTech companies. Our mission is to reduce risk and accelerate growth in our clients’ organisations, enabling them to realise their most important goals and to focus on their core business activities. Our multidisciplinary team of recognised industry experts helps clients to effectively navigate through the challenges of launching and operating new financial services businesses.

Over the past half-decade we have built a firm uniquely equipped to this task. With offices in London, New York, Boston and Hong Kong, we have established close to 100 regulated entities.

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