Lawson Conner announces major new release for new technology platform

29th March 2017 40 - Firm News

The Lawson Conner Group continues to examine the best ways to use technology throughout the firm. We are always seeking to improve workflows and processes, improving client interaction, increasing staff efficiency and reducing client input.

Our core offering is our secure client portal, a secure communication and task management system that allows firms to onboard clients and companies. For anyone with access to our portal, compliance submissions are now much easier. Its features also include inbuilt calendars, email reminders and messaging, allowing clients to quickly, easily and securely share information wherever they are in the world.

We have once again revolutionised the market by introducing a fully integrated software platform which makes AIFM fund monitoring and compliance more efficient, lessens the administrative burden and reduces portfolio, operational, regulatory and infrastructure risks to managers and investors alike.

Through the introduction of technology and workflow processes for portfolio management, risk management and operations, we have significantly reduced overheads for our clients and reduced prices by 30% to 40%.

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