Alpha-I launches with Lawson Conner

4th January 2017 60 - Firm News

Alpha-I has recently launched via the Lawson Conner platform. Alpha-I researches and develops quantitative investment strategies based on cutting edge machine learning techniques and computing power. The company is currently growing its technical team and validating its trading strategies. The global hedge fund industry holds more than $3 trillion in assets. Roughly 1 in 5 hedge-funds actively employ algorithmic-trading strategies. Of these, only few funds employ cutting edge machine learning algorithms and high-dimensional correlations so there is a considerable opportunity for players that use advanced techniques like those of Alpha-I. The company is founded by Giacomo Mariotti and Dr. Sreekumar Thaithara Balan.

“Lawson Conner is thrilled to be working with Alpha-I” adds Andrew Frost, Director, Investment Management Solutions, Lawson Conner. “In a rapidly evolving financial services industry, working with a company with ambitions to provide the fund industry with professional, modern and technological processes that allow it to adapt to current technological advances are precisely the kind of partnerships Lawson Conner strives to create.”

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