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FCA publishes guide to MAR (Market Abuse Regulation)

June 25, 2015 - Regulatory Updates

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A ‘One Minute Guide’ to the Market Abuse Regulation which comes in force on the 3 July 2016 has been published on the FCA website. MAR succeeds the original Market Abuse Directive and will extend its remit to new markets, new platforms and new behaviours and so will strengthen the existing market abuse framework. The main objective of MAR is to increase market integrity and investor protection whilst ensuring that uniform rules exist throughout Europe. Prohibitions of insider dealing, unlawful disclosure of inside information and market manipulation will apply to financial instruments admitted to or applied to trade on a regulated market, multilateral trading facility and organised trading facility. This also applies to financial instruments not covered by the above but where the price or value has an impact on the price or value of an admitted instrument.

What does this mean for asset managers and hedge funds?

We recommend that firms review internal processes and ensure that their procedures adhere to the new rules as soon as possible. Internal compliance manuals and procedures should be updated accordingly, staff should be trained and informed on the new rules and those that fall within this new regime for the first time will need to be sufficiently trained and advised of correct compliance procedures.

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Andrew Frost
Director, Investment Management Services


Joe Woodbury
Director, Investment Management Services